Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

Adventure Drama
111 min     7.1     2015     USA


A dog that helped soldiers in Afghanistan returns to the U.S. and is adopted by his handler's family after suffering a traumatic experience.


Reno wrote:
> Neither your regular dog movie nor an inspiring theme yet worth it a watch. Nowadays there are no good dog films like a decade ago were. They're restricted to television for the quality only the little kids can get entertained thoroughly. This film is a good news for adults and not a usual story, only from the outside. I mean the story was associated with war, only in the initial segment and then the rest of the narration was somewhat feeling familiar. Inspired by the war dogs who assisted the US soldiers during the war in the middle-east of what is this film is dedicated to. A dog named Max returns States from the service after met with a disaster. Now he's adopted by a family whose son had died fighting the same war along side him. With struggling to adjust a new life, Max finds a close bond with a boy in the family and that leads to an adventure in the nearby woods where they fight against the illegal activists. The same boy from the film 'Lost in the Sun', but here he had full scope for his character. The rest of the cast as well very good, especially the dog. A good story, but anticipated a little better with more developments. Emotionally, it should have been stronger, but somewhat satisfying overall product it was. The locations were beautiful, especially the woods. The end was decent as a story, but they did not get it right in pictures. Seems there's logic missing regarding the geographical area where blast takes place. I know it won't be your top 10 pick from the years, yet not that bad to skip it. Not a dog film I hoped for, but I accept it for the todays scenario where quantity declined. So I say go for it. 7/10