Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Vegas has a new high roller.

Action Comedy Family
94 min     5.147     2015     USA


Security guard Paul Blart is headed to Las Vegas to attend a Security Guard Expo with his teenage daughter Maya before she departs for college. While at the convention, he inadvertently discovers a heist - and it's up to Blart to apprehend the criminals.


Reno wrote:
**Destination Las Vegas!** One of the worst week for me as most of the of films I've seen were not up to any good. Okay, fine, the first part was decent. I thought a little refresher, somewhat funny too, so on such scenario, anticipating a sequel is common, but this is not what I wanted. After seeing this, I come to realise that the sequel was a bad idea. Seems funny, but no impact. In fact a little boring to see the same old comedy tricks again. Especially mocking a fat man is too offensive at the present era. So the hashtag on body shaming would go viral on social media. They did not get a decent story. Even the film characters, including the villains were too old fashioned. Even this film had made in the 90s, might have not received well too. The concept of going vacation-come-convention, we had seen this before, are not we! Yeah, Paul after his short marriage and losing mother, he and his daughter heads to Las Vegas. Being watchful father and meeting his old friends, the adventure begins, when some criminal activity is going on behind the conference. His plan to save his daughter, as well as thwart the crime are the remaining focus of the film. I felt for a character like Paul Blart, casting Raini Rodriguez as his daughter was a little too much intentional. Yeah, the film was full of television guys every corner. Its not just direction, or performance failed, it was the writing. This kind of comedies is now considered ancient, that's why Rowan Atkinson stopped doing his routine comedies. But now it's certain that there won't be a third. If you had seen the first and not sure about this, believe me, you won't miss anything. Instead, I would suggest you to re-watch the original. That ain't a masterpiece, though a much better one. _3/10_