Despicable Me 3

Oh brother.

Action Animation Comedy
96 min     6.445     2017     USA


Gru and his wife Lucy must stop former '80s child star Balthazar Bratt from achieving world domination.


paulv wrote:
Nothing will beat the first film. The originality fades with most sequels. Unfortunately this is more the rule rather than the exception. For the same reason, I hope they don't bother to create another "Rango". That was another fun and brilliant animation in my opinion. Kids will like it and by all means don't avoid it. Just don't have high expectations.
Reno wrote:
**It's a family time!** I'm not a fan of this film, except I always loved Minions, particularly their solo film before this one. That prequel was awesome, so much fun. But it's hard to believe, this franchise has already reached three films/parts. Yeah, the Minions helped to find its place among the animation fans, but in this film they were kind of ignored. That's the truth. They had less screenspace which directly affected the film and those who love them. Gru is set to meet his twin brother, Dru, who is dreaming to be like his father, a supervillain. But now changed Gru is not interested to help his brother. Instead, he uses him to accomplish on what he had failed recently. Okayish story, but it had some good fun. It's almost given a hint about the possible plot for the next sequel. I think kids would enjoy it without expecting much. So a one time watchable film. _6/10_
John wrote:
The 80s scene at the beginning was awesome and worth a watch. The rest was the traditional weird mess shared by all the other Despicable Me movies.
r96sk wrote:
A no-frills third installment of 'Despicable Me'. I found the initial few scenes of 'Despicable Me 3' to be solid, with a few chuckles chucked in there. However, from around minute 30 it loses all steam and ends up being a fine but uninspiring 90 minutes. The voice cast are alright, but the characters themselves aren't all that interesting. Steve Carell and Trey Parker are good, as is an underused Kristen Wiig. Jenny Slate's character seems forgotten, like I feel like it sets up something with Valerie Da Vinci early on but I don't even recall what happens to her here - a waste, as my first impressions were positive. The minions are fine, not as funny at this point but there's some minor amusement there still. I, also, didn't dig the addition of Gru's brother, fwiw. Pharrell Williams' music, meanwhile, feels overused and ever so slightly rehashed. Gone are the days of 'Happy' - but hey! Only two years until 'Despicable Me 4'! Woo...