Every murder tells the tale of a city.

Mystery Drama Crime
English     7.993     2015     USA


Based on Michael Connelly's best-selling novels, these are the stories of relentless LAPD homicide Detective Harry Bosch who pursues justice at all costs. But behind his tireless momentum is a man who is haunted by his past and struggles to remain loyal to his personal code: “Everybody counts or nobody counts.”


Peter McGinn wrote:
Bosch was recommended to us by someone in the family. We have had Amozon Video for a few years but never checked this show out. I can’t say we binge-watched it, because we watch tv during our meals mostly, so we never watched more than two in a sitting. But we did whip through the seasons fairly quickly. There is a lot of tension and suspense involved. They have cases that go on for a moderator amount of time, but at least one that ranged for over a season. In some respects, Bosch is a typical police show detective. He is driven and stubborn, and pushes the line sometimes in what he does. He has an ex-wife, of course, but he doesn’t try to run her life or threaten her new love interests. Also, Bosch has a good relationship (mostly) with his daughter, and that is a good thing. There are plenty of subplots around his superiors, other officers, or peripheral characters, and some of it works better than others. Politics runs through the show as well. For comic relief you have partners Crate and Barrel, which are not their real names. They don’t do a stand-up routine, but they are a tad eccentric and a nice change in mood for the show. They have their serious moments also. Titus Welliber is perfect for the lead role, and we are looking forward to the next season. In the meantime, we get to see the actor in a supporting role in The Good Wife.