The Whole Truth

Do you solemnly swear..

Drama Thriller
93 min     6.5     2016     USA


A defense attorney works to get his teenage client acquitted of murdering his wealthy father.


Reno wrote:
**...Or the whole lie!** It's a courtroom drama, about a murder mystery of a wealthy lawyer. It opened with a defense attorney voicing his 17 year old boy client suspected of murder of his own father. The boy had not spoken ever since the incident, so his lawyer does not know how to build the case and defend him. Seems no one know what happened except the boy, so proving he's an innocent becomes their tough nut to crack. How the trial ends and revealing truth comes in the later part. Boring. That's right, but not fully. The main reason was it is slow like a soulless. There's no one's performance to highlight. Only Gugu looked so good in her small part when everybody else was so dull. The Keanu Reeve's background narration was sometimes annoying. Totally unbelievable that Renee Zellweger was unrecognisable 6 years after returning to the cinema. I had to check online to confirm that she was it. The idea for the story to develop was not that bad, but had some issues. The screenplay was flawed, though the initial part looked okay. Probably in the midway, you will figure it out all like I did, so the remaining is to know how it all happened. The detail at the end was too much. After letting us know the truth, they did not had to detail that part in the pictures which in my perspective ruined this film. That makes it a not so smart. And also about the parenting, particularly about the mother, the writers missed the point like any mother would defend her child for any cost. It's their nature, I mean most of them, so not this mother to blame for that, but the writers who only thought of the twist and to keep the suspense for as long as it goes. So this is an average film for intelligent people and even for the average people. Now you know who might love this flick than anybody else. Yet not bad for watching it once. _5/10_