Beau Séjour


Drama Crime Mystery
Dutch     7.62     2017     Belgium


What if you had to investigate your own murder? This anthology series follows victims who wake up to find their own dead bodies and have to navigate the limbo between life and death to solve the mystery of who killed them and why.


bsnjon wrote:
To me, it is shows like this that are the point of the streaming revolution. A Flemish/Belgian production that was never going to be on TV in North America, but now I can easily enjoy this creative take on the “Broadchurch” style crime drama. We have a small community, we have lots of complicated connections between our various characters, and we have a dead young woman, with a few secrets of her own. Now the “twist” here is that our protagonist is going to spend the series solving her own murder. I know this might turn people off, but if you just go with it a bit, you can enjoy this fairly easily. There is no time taken up with a explanations or talk of ghosts, it just happens. And the complications (certain individuals can see and interact with her) are integrated into the script without much fuss. The mystery itself has several suspects, and the police are looking officially in one direction, but unofficially another, which adds to the complications. With young love in the mix, the consequences of the murder and its aftermath grow to envelop the entire town. This is not for everyone but those who enjoy shows like Témoins, The Break, etc. should enjoy this.