The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale

Crest Animation Productions

Family Animation Fantasy
79 min     6.3     2014     India


Shortly after the Royal Family adopts a young girl named Alise, she is taken away into the forest. Princess Odette, Derek and their woodland friends, must work together to find a way to bring her home to the castle.


Niko wrote:
where the hell to start with this thing? i'm gonna start by saying: i don't like Swan Princess. i never did and i never will. the fact that it somehow spawned 4 sequels god damn sequels make me cringe! and in February this year, they gave Swan Princess 5. the sequel to Swan Princess Christmas, a piece of garbage that i absolutely hated. that makes Swan Princess 5 hands down the worst animated movie of this year. why? 1. the plot makes no sense, it's filled with unanswered questions and plot holes. 2. the animation's terrible. yeah, it's a tiny bit better than the previous movie, but oh my god! everything here looks terribly cheap, like something outta a lost PS1 video game. 3. the voice acting's phoned in. nobody here was actually trying. 4. The Forbidden Arts has to be one of the worst baddies i ever seen in a movie! all he ever does up til the end, is just sit in his shitty crystal, yelling and groaning all the damn time, and even when he does try to kill Odette and the others, he still sucks ass. 5. the writing's really bad, with terrible dialogue and cheesy lines, which kinda fits with the phoned-in voice acting. cause when you're handed a shitty script like this, don't expect good stuff from it. but what's unforgivable for this movie are the characters. oh sweet Jesus! these characters are so obnoxious, so annoying, so unlikable and so underdeveloped that you don't give a shit about what's gonna happen to them. and yeah, that little half-ass backstory at the start of the movie, that doesn't help at all! so if you're a fan of this franchise or fan of movies in general, stay away from this shit!