Don't Knock Twice

Pray she doesn't answer.

93 min     5.5     2016     United Kingdom


A mother desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter becomes embroiled in the urban legend of a demonic witch.


Dan_Tebasco wrote:
**Don't watch twice (or even once)** I like Katee Sackoff, she's usually alot better than the movies she's in though and here is no exception. The movie starts out reasonably watchable, albeit very slow but still has enough creepy (albeit never truly scary) atmosphere to go around. Last 30 minutes was one big old mess though, what started as something really simple just did a 360 and became all over the place adding multiple twists changes in tone and pace and a bag of chips plus a couple burritos. Well not really but you know. The first hour I'd probably give 5/10 last 30 minutes was more 3/10 territory.
Gimly wrote:
Seeing as Katee Sackhoff was the best part of Don't Knock Twice, it might have worked in the movie's favour if the mother/daughter element was the focus, instead of just the backdrop for some oldhat horror. Creepiest part was when John Wick ate a baby. Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole.
Reno wrote:
**Knock knock! Oops, I just knocked twice!** Surprised to see some people actually liked it. If you have seen plenty of horrors, then this is nothing special. Just an average flick. The only plus point was, it was from Britain. If it was made in Hollywood, I would have bashed it from all the angles. Because there's no excuse like it was based on some book. So when someone writes, for a film, we expect something fresh, not refresh or repetition. It was a common platform. That's about a local legend. When a teen couple set to test one of the stories they have heard, it puts them in an extreme position. Later the girl joins her mother who had just returned to the town to win her back. Now they both try to escape from the supernatural threat. How much they succeed and the rest of the tale follows with a twist before the end. The same initiation, build up and conclusion as any horror film. Watchable film, but not any good. They even hinted about a sequel during the end, which I think never should go ahead, after seeing how ordinary this film was. Horror is the least average rated genre from collection and this is no surprise to join those low rating club. I don't know, that you might decently like it or maybe not, but I'm not suggesting or say ignore it. _4/10_