Let's Be Evil

Evil see. Evil do.

Thriller Horror Science Fiction
83 min     4.3     2016     United Kingdom


A woman enters an underground bunker where gifted children use augmented reality technology to wreak havoc.


Reno wrote:
**A simple job, but a big responsibility.** This was not strong with its screenplay, but visually. The story was trying to be unique and somewhat it succeeds on that. The concept was simple but it worked for the way they have made it. There are lots of colours, especially lights (as you can see from the film poster) and in particular a corridor was regularly used as its trademark. So now and then visually pleases, specifically when the suspense or tense moments arises. I would say a better film than I anticipated for a low budget like this. The kid from the recent version of 'Les Miserables' was one of the leads. There are 3-4 main characters, including one an AI. Like any recent trend in that theme, about the near future with kind of utopia setting, but in a small enclosure like in a building the entire film takes place. When three new supervisors arrive to maintain the stability in the education programme for the kids, which initially looks fine, but soon one of them started to experience some oddness around. While trying to find what, the story takes twists and turn heading towards the finale where the fate of entire institute will be decided. Those who take chances in small films should try it, but not to expect big. Without much of high-end graphics the film achieved the target quality what a standard film requires. If it was slightly well written, it would have been a cult film for sure. But some people still find it better. So I feel worth it a try when you are out of the options on choosing films to watch. _6/10_