Monkey Kingdom

Adventure is in Full Swing.

81 min     6.9     2015     USA


A newborn monkey and its mother struggle to survive within the competitive social hierarchy of the Temple Troop, a dynamic group of monkeys who live in ancient ruins found deep in the storied jungles of South Asia.


Reno wrote:
> Every species has their own kingdom and the ruler. I thought it was going to set in India and a version of 'Monkey Thieves'. I don't recall it from the trailer I saw 18 moths ago. It's good, because Subcontinent does not mean India only. And I also thought it was about the commonly known in Asia, the Rhesus variety. So this story takes place in the Sri Lankan deep jungle of Polonnaruwa. About a small Toque Macaque kingdom established many generations ago in the rock castle surrounded by the ruined ancient temple. Directed by the 'Chimpanzee' filmmakers, yet another stunningly presented primate genus creature that's specifically made for the little children like all the previous Disney Nature films. Narrated by Tina Fey, in many ways I find much better than John C. Reilly for the 'Bears'. I said that because I am an adult male and I found her voice was sexy, especially the dialogue deliverance. Something like when the film characters funnily talk (the human assumption in the human language) to each other to excite our kids and to be a family friendly film. The story follows the young female monkey called Maya. Like the majority of the colony she's a low-born, a lower ranked member under the Raja's rule, the alpha male and three royal sisters. Just like any human character films, this too has all the varieties like romance, drama, emotions, wars, survival, a life journey to rediscover and ultimately a revenge. All the above, the rise of the young generation, taking over from once a supreme leader. > "Together, on the edge of their territory, > they wash away the city and relish the jungle around them." Whatever we saw in the film is not what exactly happened, because we can't understand their language and behaviours. But mostly translated and re-adjusting their acts to our understandable terminology. Somewhat it worked, mainly because it rated General. But in reality, it is always a harsh and dangerous environment in the animal world. Because rules are meant to be broken and challenged if you are strong enough to take the opposition. Physical strength is the most essential in the jungle to survive. There will be no trials for the crimes, only on-spot punishment or you can expel yourself to avoid it and flee the spot. Only the film crew knows the truth and all these I meant to be for grownups. Because the raw and uncut animal documentaries we see on television hurts us in a way, if you are a light-hearted, especially to know how the food chain works and rivalry within the same species. As for the kids, it was a finest documentary, very inspiring and knowledgeable. I learnt that monkeys can swim, not on the water surface, but dives to the deep into the bed. So far I am thorough with Disney Nature's production and distribution filmography and now I am eagerly waiting for the release of 'Born in China'. Because I haven't seen documentary films about Pandas, so it will going to be a very exciting one for sure. And another reason to celebrate is that the 'Kung Fu Panda 3' coming out around the same time. So mark these dates and reserve the days fellows, especially for the sake of your kids. 9/10