The Red Pill

A feminist's journey into the Men's Rights Movement

118 min     7.5     2016     USA


When a feminist filmmaker sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs. Chronicling Cassie Jaye’s journey exploring an alternate perspective on gender equality, power and privilege.


Simon Foster wrote:
"Cassie Jaye’s men, and by association the filmmaker herself, are not serving a greater good or inspiring discourse, but instead fuelling a social divide and dishonouring their respective genders..." Read the full review here:
y2kaoz wrote:

    Lets get this out of the way. First things first, THE BAD: It's a shame that Men's Rights have to be validated through the lens of a feminist's perspective in order to be taken seriously, BUT, at the same time that's the Documentary's strongest point.

    Men's voices are not being heard. If a man has a problem he has to "Man up" and shut up. If a woman has a problem it has to be some man's fault, we all know they are privileged, right? that is main stream culture.

    In this movie you will NOT see men bashing women left and right. You'll see men and women just talking about Men's issues and the need for those issues to be addressed, no more, no less.

tmdb15214618 wrote:
As a documentary, it's pretty bad; there's little skill involved. As a primer on gender theory beyond feminism, it's alright; it gets the broad strokes right but fumbles the details and muddles the thesis somewhat. If it weren't the only documentary to tackle this topic, I'd rate it lower, but it gets a bonus point for its originality and guts. It's worth a watch if you care about human rights and equality.