Hello, My Name Is Doris

She's not ready to act her age

Comedy Drama Romance
95 min     6.4     2015     USA


A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker.


Reno wrote:
> Never too late to fall in love! On the budget of one million and the entire film was shot in less than a month, with not so marketable cast, I would say this film really did great. Critically acclaimed, film fanatics and people enjoyed it, as well as a wonderful box office against its spending. I loved the story which was obviously very simple in the line of 'Harold and Maude', but matured characters and well explored theme. Surely the character Doris was specially created Sally Field. She was amazing with other supporting cast. She as a 60 year old falling in love with a younger man who recently joined her office. And so the remaining film reveals how the story evolves with lots of enjoyable comedy sequences. The music was good, especially the costumes of Doris, very colourful. How long we're going to watch the same old, old man romancing a young woman. This reverse was actually a less explore compared to that and this one is very pleasing in all the departments. One of the cute little romance-drama from the 2015 and you should try it if you're looking for a refresher. 7/10