Blood Against Blood

Action Drama Family
156 min     6.6     2015     India


David and Monty, estranged half-brothers, train in mixed martial arts to earn a livelihood. However, things change when the two are forced to compete against each other in the final tournament.


r96sk wrote:
It nails the heart, but everything else about 'Brothers' is yawnful. The film manages to make you care for Akshay Kumar's character David, as well as for Sidharth Malhotra's Monty but it's skewed heavily towards Kumar. Away from them though, it's poorly crafted storytelling in regards to the sporting and siblings/father parts of the plot. It also goes on for too long, my version of the film - via Colors Cineplex - only ran for around two hours... I'm not sure where the apparent extra thirty or so minutes went, though I'm kinda glad as that extra portion would probably put my rating much lower. At least the music is nice. There are many better Hindi sport dramas out there.