The Outpost

The Non-Stop Action Military Drama About the War in Afghanistan

Movies War History
123 min     6.8     2020     Bulgaria


The military drama The Outpost is based on real events. It is an almost documentary story about a 12-hour battle for Keating's fortified camp, located near the village of Kamdesh in the Afghan province of Nuristan. It happened on October 3, 2009. About 300 militants attacked the outpost located in the lowland from the Taliban side. At the same time, 79 soldiers of the 61st Cavalry Regiment of the US Army, 42 soldiers of the Afghan army, and two military specialists from Latvia held the defense. It was one of the most brutal battles of the War in Afghanistan, which has not ended to this day.

The authors recreated the day of October 3, 2009, literally minute by minute. The movements of Sergeant Clint Romesha and specialist Ty Michael Carter across the base, shown in the film, repeat word by word the description of their actions that day from the award lists for conferring the Medal of Honor, the highest US military award, on both soldiers. Romesha and Carter were the first US soldiers in the last 50 years to receive this award non-posthumously.

Interestingly, the filming of The Outpost involved several soldiers who survived that battle.

The Outpost is an excellent documentary reproduction of events, the realistic shooting of the battle, the second half of the film is almost an hour of non-stop action. The movie is definitely worth watching.