War and Peace

Brought to life for a new generation.

English     7.891     2016     United Kingdom


A story that revolves around five aristocratic families, set during the reign of Alexander I, and centered on the love triangle between Natasha Rostova, Pierre Bezukhov, and Andrei Bolkonsky.


Reno wrote:
**All's fair in love and war!** **_SEASON 01:_** The war and wealth, the romance and deceives, the fictional Russia of the 1800s. First of all I've never seen the series or film adapted from theis book. This is my first version of any format. So it's high excitement time, since I like Leo Tolstoy works. It did not disappoint me. The BBC had done it again. Yep, another wonderful adaptation. Great casting and shot in location, or to say the graphic works were done wonderfully. Nice costumes show as well, in the original Russian classic style. It starts with war and ends with the same. Surrounded by lots of historical figures. Basically, it's about five royal class families. How their lives turn out during the Russian war against the Napoleon's France. Focused on the younger generation who are about to take over everything from their elders. So they have to decide, very big decision that's going to change their lives and the nations forever. The romance is also the part of the tale. Being very rich or about to lose their wealth, they have to find true love. But in some cases, the love is a game plan for a better future. So there's deceive and cheats involved. Patriotically, and sentimentally the tale unfold, where the Russian fate hangs. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but one thing that bothered me was the English adaptation. Imagine if it was entirely in Russian with subtitles, that would have been so awesome. Particularly that sound of the language and musics and locations, all would have matched so perfectly. In the poster, Lily James in the front, but that's done for the marketing purpose, because of her popularity among other cast. While watching the series it was a different experience. A well balanced characters, lots of things happened, like that takes us to the real 19th century. One of the best periodic drama which overwhelmed by war and romance theme. I think it is a muse see. _8/10_