The Founder

Risk taker. Rule breaker. Game changer.

Drama History
115 min     7.096     2016     USA


The true story of how Ray Kroc, a salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was impressed by the brothers’ speedy system of making the food and saw franchise potential. He maneuvered himself into a position to be able to pull the company from the brothers and create a billion-dollar empire.


Reno wrote:
**Veni, vidi, vici!** I anticipated another inspiring biopic about a man who built an empire. That's partially true, because this was inspired by the right kind of wrong thing. I mean it was not actually about the McDonalds' story, the McDonald brothers, but the fast food chain McDonald, how the franchise got rapidly spread across the globe and the person behind it. With the film having both good and bad side, it stayed mostly neutral. But due to the main character, you would see too much lean on what seems the reason behind the McDonald's today's popularity. So it's like another typical American founders' story like Apple, Facebook. I mean not the one who found the company with all the hard works, but the one who dived in and took all the credit. Ray Kroc was a traveling salesman and he's not doing any good. But one day he meets the brothers who had started a modernised kitchen and its fast food service. He shows lots of interest in it and so he joins hands with them. With his new ideas, how he makes a fortune out of it and the future of the company, all revealed in the later part. An enjoyable film. Particularly for Michael Keaton. Well directed film as well. Film wise it was a good one, but the story wise not morally right. It was about the flaws in our society, our system. Some men can do anything like pulling others leg to climb the success ladder. It's not them to blame completely, because they had struggled enough to understand their future path. So definitely for some people, this film would inspire. If you are a regular McDonalds' customer, you should watch it. Otherwise, just to learn the truth, it is worth a watch. _7/10_