The Healer

You will believe in miracles

Family Drama Comedy
113 min     7.2     2017     Canada


The film follows a man with an unwanted gift for healing who meets a teenager with cancer who helps him to find himself.


CinemaSerf wrote:
This is actually quite an engaging, optimistic film with the 6" 3', handsome, OJC as an electrician who sets up a business in a small town - only to discover that the residents think he can cure their ailments. As it transpires through his uncle - Jonathan Pryce - there is a scintilla of truth to the yarn and he has to deal with some quite heart-rending emotional struggles as he faces his new reality. One has to be careful not to confuse this innocent fantasy with any misleading, dangerous, medical mysticism; but the script and direction from Paco Arango keep it clear that fictional and fanciful the whole thing is. It's got a bit of a burgeoning romance and some touching moments with a young, terminally ill, girl as well as nice scenery to complement it too, and though hardly strenuous on the little grey cells, it is still worth a watch.