Vengeance runs in the family.

Action Thriller
83 min     4.6     2015     United Kingdom


When a former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorists, his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved—so he launches his own rescue operation.


Kamurai wrote:
Good watch, probably won't watch again, but can recommend. I love any chance I get to see Gina Carano in action, but Kellan Lutz carries the majority of the movie with Bruce Willis and Carano in more of a support capacity. For an action movie, it's pretty good, the problem is that it is a spy movie. It's all about intel, it's focused on the CIA, but for some reason we keep presenting the CIA as a private army instead of a foreign based intelligence agency (like an overseas FBI, but without guns). Even "assets", like assassins, are technically outsourced and aren't supposed to be available in country. The motivation of an "all hack" device isn't quite enough for me, and the action is mediocre compared to most action films, but very well done. The most interesting parts of the movie are the "spoiler" bits, so there is something extra to what I see as a very bland main plot, but all in all it's a very average, if good, movie experience.
r96sk wrote:
I didn't find 'Extraction' to be that bad at all, it's not good either but it's definitely nothing terrible. I found it an OK, relatively well paced full on action film. It is, I will say, one of those productions that big up a well known actor, in this case Bruce Willis, yet they actually don't even feature much. That's a negative for sure, like why would you have Willis and not make him the main attraction - most likely down to financial/scheduling issues, but still. Kellan Lutz is very much the lead in this and I think he does a solid enough job, as does 'Fast & Furious' alum Gina Carano. Talking of alumni, 'The Walking Dead' duo Steve Coulter and Joshua Mikel appear. I agree the story is nothing exciting or thrilling, but I honestly didn't have much of problem whilst watching it. It's hollow, but nothing awful - in my opinion, anyway. If you're looking for a good action film with this title, check out the 2020 release with Chris Hemsworth - it's certainly much better.
Ryan wrote:
Besides being one of the worst action films I have ever had the displeasure of viewing, can we please stop putting Dan Bilzerian's name in the opening credits for nothing roles? Instant devaluing of a film by bringing in a nobody who epitomizes lazy film-making and is a wannabe playboy who probably wasn't held by his mother enough growing up.