Miss Sloane

Make sure you surprise them.

Thriller Drama
132 min     7.5     2016     France


An ambitious lobbyist faces off against the powerful gun lobby in an attempt to pass gun control legislation.


Reno wrote:
**A mastress stroke!** Another American politics, why should I care! If you are saying like that, then you are missing out something wonderful. First of all it was not based on any real, except the gun control theme that rocked the US recently. Nor it was adapted from a book. That's really got me. This was a beautiful screenplay and I could not think how flawlessly someone has written just for a film, not for a book. Secondly, in todays world where the voices were raised for the equal rights/opportunity for women, this film became a great example to head on the right path. It opened with a court scene, then went back to flashback to reveal everything that happened in between period. There's a voting is to take place in the parliament for the introduction of a new bill. The miss Sloane's firm splits over differences and hence two teams fight for one another in the same matter, but to achieve the opposite result. Pursuing the MPs and all other dramatic events takes place, while they are ready to go any length. Then the story comes to an end with a twist with one of them victorious, but a heavy price has to pay it. You might won't like the politics, but this is not one. This is something like the story of an election campaign team. How they work to achieve their goal, particularly keep checking their rivalry. So it was more or less a cat-mouse game kind, but the perspective was not shared equally. The majority of the film was from miss Sloane's angle. Just like from 'Zero Dark Thirty', Chastain has been simply awesome. One of her career best performance for sure. I don't get it how this film had missed the Oscars race. She should have won the best actress award. I might a little late to watch, but I did not miss it. So I hope you too as well not to miss it. _8/10_