The Alienist

Paramount Television Studios

Drama Crime Mystery
English     7.679     2018     Hungary


New York, 1896. Police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt brings together criminal psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, newspaper illustrator John Moore and secretary Sara Howard to investigate several murders of male prostitutes.


adrain smith wrote:
Great show!!!
Patrick E. Abe wrote:
I just finished episode #4 and this "journey through the past" has a blah feel to it. "Murdoch Mysteries," which covers some of the same era has that Something this production lacks. NYC Police Commissioner "Theodore Roosevelt" comes across like "Theodore Cleaver" of long-ago "Leave It To Beaver. He's no "Inspector Brackenreid," who is a tough, go-getter, like the historical Teddy Roosevelt. As for the "Dancing Boys of New York City," the criminal exploitation of preteen boys isn't as rage-inducing as present day Afghanistan practices by Rich/Powerful men. Maybe it's the "lit by weak candles" darkness when Evil stalks the city or the drained-of-color daytime New York City of 1896. I'll look at episode #5 before going North to season 8 of the "Toronto Constabulary tales." Episode #5 showed Theodore Roosevelt at his best (at Last!) and the visit to the upstate penitentiary to visit "The Boston Boykiller" was "Hannibal Lechter" creepy. A "privileged" suspect has surfaced, but "Police corruption" has sidetracked the team. Beware the "Silver smiler" who fills the bathtub with milk!
moviefan39 wrote:
okay so i started watching this show pretty much in the second season and ill tell you what im loving this show fantastic action likeable cast good plot so much to brag on here however i cant say i recommend it to kids due to graphic content but if you happen to be mature enough this is the show to watch im sure