Like Crazy

Lotus Production

Drama Comedy
116 min     7.4     2016     France


Beatrice is a blabbermouth and a so-called billionaire countess who likes to believe she’s in intimacy with world leaders. Donatella is a young quiet tattooed woman, locked in her own mystery. They are both patients of a mental institution and subject to custodial measures.


Reno wrote:
**An unplanned crazy ride.** From the writer, director of 'Human Capital' fame. This is a road adventure that's filled with some fun, thrills and emotions. The story of two women and their unplanned journey to their unfinished businesses. Kind of self-discovery theme, but it gets a little crazy as what the title says. If you know Paolo Virzi and his films, then you know what to expect from it. Well, it begins with when a new member Donatella at a mental institution was fooled by Beatrice, who was there for quite a some time. They might have differences, but have some unfinished affairs outside. An unlikely friendship blooms between them and one weekend, the situation favours them to get away. From there where their journey goes and how it all ends comes in the rest of the narration. They both are not ill or the danger as they were institutionalised. Then why is what the film is going to narrate for us. Before that, it was initiated with a simple introduction of them and the situation they are in. It was really a good start, but then between the end of the first act and the beginning of the second was looked decent. Because that part was very familiar. You know, what do the people do when they runaway which were mostly wandering around and enjoying the freedom. I thought it was a good film, not as I expected. Then, ever since the second half was on the roll, it got a lot better, in fact I started to love it. From a meaningless ride to something sensible topic, the narration comes to the point, what it was holding back in the earlier. Each woman's life revealed before to when this story had commenced. So the trip comes to an end when they do what's better for them and everybody around them. Kind of sad, though it concludes in a right way. > "A mother's love is all giving, never expecting anything in return." The two lead actresses were amazing. Second back to back film for director with Valerina Bruni and she was even better than the previous film. Because the scope of her role was much bigger in this. I don't know I had seen her before, but Micaela Ramazotti was so good, by performance as well as glamorously. There's no way you could part them and say only one of them were good. I loved them both equally. Actually, that's how their characters were developed. The entire film was about them, and they left a mark to remember this film for them. It's a good film, so I don't think it is an Oscar material as the Italian film board had already picked another film for that. But surely it going to win some international awards. If the same film was made in Hollywood, would have considered an average, because this one got the Italian flavour. The film gets crazy, in an Italian style, and in the perspective of the middle aged women. But it can enjoyed by everyone. I have been watching a few good Italian films of the year, including this one. So I would definitely recommend it. Nearly two hours long, but the pace gets better while the story developed. Remember this is not the only kind, but one of the best among this theme you had ever seen. Ending the story with high emotional was so good, especially if you like that kind of material. I hope you won't miss it. Meanwhile, I'm so excited for the director who is making his first direct English language film. Looking forward to its release. _8/10_