The Invisible Guest

Every story has two sides. The truth, only one.

Drama Mystery Thriller
107 min     8.123     2017     Spain


Barcelona, Spain. Adrián Doria, a young and successful businessman accused of murder, meets one night with Virginia Goodman, an expert interrogation lawyer, in order to devise a defense strategy.


Svumpukkel85 wrote:
I was entertained, it was great fun, but very very far-fetched crime movie. Espanolos crazylos :-)
Peter McGinn wrote:
This film strikes me as a sort of morality tale, though it disguises it well throughout. Overall I found the plot and the various developments intriguing and well written. There are several twists in the story, as you would expect in a thriller. Some worked better than others. I found the movie to be entertaining and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys being kept on edge and who can suspend their disbelief adequately. I say that last bit because I actually found the final twist to be somewhat hard to swallow, simply based on the character involved in it. Obviously I am not going to reveal that or any other plot twist and lessen the story's impact to a first-time viewer. Like I said, it has an intriguing and intricate plot, and even though I had trouble with one piece of it, it didn't really diminish my enjoyment of the movie.
Mirai Kazuya wrote:
**10/10** _It's one of the best mystery movies I've ever had the privilege to see. I didn't have high hopes for it at first even though the ratings were pretty high, as ratings nowadays are very untrustworthy, they are either over-rated or else under-rated mostly, only a few sum of ratings are justifiable. This deserves it's good ratings. If you are someone who is looking for a movie that is in the same league as masterpieces like **Shutter Island**_ _then I'll definitely recommend this masterpiece._
AstroNoud wrote:
Definitely an interesting movie that tries to be a bit too clever. 7/10