Silence can be killer

Horror Thriller
82 min     6.7     2016     USA


A deaf woman is stalked by a psychotic killer in her secluded home.


mattwilde123 wrote:
I thought it was nicely made especially the beginning and had a clever emphasis on sound. It wasn't the best written film ever but it did the job as a good, stupid horror film. It was excruciatingly annoying in parts but I think that was the point. It won't win any awards for acting or screenplay but it was fun and stands up against most modern, boring horrors. It reminded me of 'Don't Breathe' which was a really good film too as it took modern horror conventions and played with them in a different way as the main characters had to struggle with the loss of an important sense.
Vishnu_Dileep wrote:
“For a thriller this is a very good choice” It all starts with a story writer, she lives alone also she got meningitis long back and lost her speaking and hearing ability. She left her family which consists of a dad mom and a sister to live alone is solitary place with just one couple as a neighbor and one more thing to point out is that she has not been talking to her boyfriend .so one night this intruder comes along as soon as she finds out that she is not alone it turns out to be a cat and mouse story for survival and the rest of the movie u guys have to watch have not spoiled anything for you. It has been a while since I watched movies like this from the usual haunting by ghosts. There were some parts in this movie which could have been made better but no complains it was a good one. I liked this movie would be suggesting this to anyone I know Notable Acting John Gallagher Jr famous for his movies like 10 Cloverfield Lane etc. Kate Siegel My Rating 8/10
Reno wrote:
**Inside and outside, a cat-mouse game!** A limited cast film. One night event. The whole film was shot within the three weeks. Minimised dialogues, maximised actions. This film has such a good record those. But apart from the performances and settings, there's nothing special. The same old home-invasion concept with so many flaws. If you are looking for nothing but an entertainment, then this will provide you that. But you should not expect more than that, it will foil you from having a nice time with the film. I enjoyed it too, though when it comes to the rating, I should be honest. Maddie, an authoress who lost hearing and voice in her childhood is now living in a remote place, somewhat isolated from the people. On an ordinary day, unexpectedly, a masked man who killed her neighbour, is now after Maddie too. When she comes to realise that, the cat and mouse game begins. She locked herself inside. On the other hand the stranger trying to get in. As it goes like that for hours, so many twists and turns take place. How the remaining tale would turn out is should be watched. Simpleness was the highlight. They did not try too much. Particularly, for a thriller like this, they usually scare the viewers with sudden and loud sounds. This film had those, but minimised. You can't blame for isolated settings too, because such crimes can be easily committed on those backdrops. It's all about Kate Siegel. Her best film, according to me. Nice direction, from one of the latest horror flick maker. But this is not a horror film. It is a terror, a thriller. Short running time and it is worth a try. **6/10**