Heimat ist kein Ort

MWM Writing Pictures

Family Comedy TV Movie
90 min     5.3     2015     Germany


The unemployed taxi driver Klaus (Jörg Schüttauf), the gay dog sitter Uwe (Sönke Möhring) and the strict nurse Inge (Marie Gruber) did not have an easy childhood. Her mother died too early, the father then gave her home. Now the old man has died and for the hated Kurbjuweits is the Notarbesuch on. Klaus, Uwe, Inge and their daughter Jule (Karolina Lodyga) now hope to inherit money and real estate - but they are surprised by an unusual testament. They have to scatter the ashes of the dead in places in their East Prussian homeland, which were important to the father. Together with the young Polish notary Krzysztow (Piotr Witkowski), who is supposed to supervise the proper implementation, they are leaving for good or ill. It takes them almost to Polish prison and soon to a wedding, where they understand better not only the father, but also himself better ...