Drama Comedy Mystery
English     7.3     2017     USA


Maddie, a persona shifting con-artist who is as beautiful as she is dangerous, leaves her unwitting victims tormented when they realize they have been used and robbed of everything – including their hearts. But things get complicated when her former targets, Ezra, Richard, and Jules team up to track her down.


TrentTX wrote:
This show is a hidden gem. Many people overlooked it because they had a negative opinion about Bravo, but they really missed out. Maybe it will have the popularity it deserves when it reaches one of the streaming services. Imposters is surprising, funny, moving, insightful, and most of all entertaining. The writing and acting are top-notch. I will be watching for future projects from this creative team because they know how to make great television. Finding the con artist that screwed you seemed like a simple premise, but it became so much more as the victims evolved and the con artist faced challenges on the latest con. High jinks ensue and the the plot twists just don't stop. If you are reading this review because you don't know whether to watch Imposters or not. Please watch it. I promise you won't regret it. During the early months of 2017, I was watching 18 shows per week. Imposters was the best by far.