One Day at a Time

Sony Pictures Television Studios

English     7.979     2017     USA


In a reimagining of the TV classic, a newly single Latina mother raises her teen daughter and tween son with the "help" of her old-school mom.


Enricc1 wrote:
It feels weird because i am self-aware this show as a whole is not a 9/10 at the first season it didn't have exactly a good start over the first half of the 2nd season it gets objectively weaker but the 2nd half happens and the show really is something else,this is the show that is the most human in a period of sitcoms with unlikeable characters(Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons) a show like this is needed i mean this shouldn't work Penelope gets way too caught on being a mom Elena is the body empowerment of social warrior Schneider is a guy who only hangs out with them because he is lonely and kinda like Penelope low-key depressed I would say not on the same level as her this shouldn't work but it does there is something so human about all the main characters that Penelope meltdowns are relatable to me for someone with anxiety or you can look up to Alex sarcastic nice guy as something to rely on,the show in the most wholesome empowers falling rock bottom(with racism, homophobia,depression,drug problems)and having comfort in the ones you love it can be a friend someone on your family the show never tells that these solve the problems Penelope will steal have to deal with her depression anxiety and PTSD Elena will still deal with the homophobia of her dad Alex will steal deal with racism.The show is not about solving every day struggles the show is about having problems with life and going back up even if you fail because you have to show yourself to the world and show that no matter how many times it hit you, you can be strong.The show is about finding pride in yourself and the others in a world that may be cruel but at least us we can make it bearable.
Peter89Spencer wrote:
I really enjoyed watching this show. Whenever the beginning intro plays, I can't help but dance a little (it's very catchy and cheerful)! While it had some very humorous moments, it also brings awareness to real life situations; from sexuality and PTSD to drugs and alcohol. But all in all, One Day at a Time is a feel good comedy show on Netflix. And given with what is happening out in the world, we can do with some laughter.
mdval wrote:
Basically, the comedy TV show I cried the most while watching. It's so relatable and discusses so many import topics with a loving attention, such as sexuality, depression and alcohol dependency. Also, the cast is impeccable, Rita Moreno is perfect, as you'd expect, but, for me Justina Machado is the heart of the show, Penelope is my favorite character in One Day at a Time.