To the Bone

Don't fade away

107 min     7.2     2017     USA


A young woman dealing with anorexia meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.


Reno wrote:
**To whom 'Bon Appetit' is a sin!** Another writer, producer turned director. It was her first feature film and she was not bad. The Netflix producing lots of formats like shows, stand-ups, but I'm more interested in in films which they haven't tapped that greatly, yet. I've seen almost all of their films, and I'm quite happy, but in a few occasions, disappointed. This is surely not a disappointment, yet a slight let down. No doubt that it is a wonderful story with a wonderful cast. But did they narrated it properly! I think somewhere, something's not right. One of thing were the sentiments, that made me like it. Otherwise, I would have considered it a below average. A girl with anorexia is further failing to see any success. Her family is so worried, particularly her half sister and stepmother. Could be the family history that affected her to she end up like that. So it explored all sides, giving reasons. With a new programme beginning, a new hope was expected and how this time she ends were revealed with an emotional conclusion. A film with a story like this should have been an Oscar product, especially to see Lily Collins getting the best actress nod. Because her dedication was awesome. But sad to see it got wasted, I mean not being awards' favourite flick. She said it was a very personal film for her. But I thing for me as well for the same reason of hers. A good title, a good poster. Everybody performed well, besides Collins. I know still majority would love it or already loved it, but there are a few like me not that satisfied. Though I won't say it is completely a bad film. That does not stop me from suggesting it to others. Forget the guys like me, as the days to come, I hope it gets its due. Even I to change my stance! _6/10_