The Good Liar

Read between the lies.

109 min     6.7     2019     Germany


Career con man Roy sets his sights on his latest mark: recently widowed Betty, worth millions. And he means to take it all. But as the two draw closer, what should have been another simple swindle takes on the ultimate stakes.


MSB wrote:
If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @ Exquisite performances from two all-time greats: Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren. They carry the whole film on their shoulders, and it's mostly due to their extremely captivating displays that I genuinely enjoyed this movie. Unfortunately, its screenplay lacks believability and some creativity since the key components of the story are predictable from the get-go. Rating: B
JPV852 wrote:
Great performances from both McKellan and Mirren which isn't surprising, but the final act with the reveal of the twist might've been unpredictable, but I like my mystery-thrillers to throw in some clues leading up to it, which this one was out of left field. For the performances might be worth checking out, but the plot almost undid all that was working up until the reveal. **2.75/5**