The Old Man

They should have left him alone.

Action & Adventure Drama
English     7.238     2022     USA


Dan Chase absconded from the CIA decades ago and now lives off the grid. When an assassin arrives and tries to take Chase out, the old operative learns that to ensure his future he now must reconcile his past.


DownUnder wrote:
A great cast in a decent series but not one without limitations. Whats very likeable about this series, is, in a sense, also its key shortcoming. Jeff Bridges who plays the main character a wanted CIA spook, is possessed of a downbeat, affable quality that belies the mans deadlier qualities. The result is when he is forced to transition from one persona to the other, its a discordant experience. This is, I suspect, just what the writers wanted and its a ploy that works beautifully. The harsh transition from harmless and friendly to fierce, captures your attention and holds it. Its also what does not work so well. The old man stereotype with a range of ailments, popping pills and walking stiltedly, is overplayed. So much so, that it somewhat undermines the deadly assassin alter ego. You start asking how a man portrayed as this enfeebled, could take on and defeat trained men half his age? Of course, in hand to hand he probably couldn't and whilst this is suggested, at the same time the series is still pushing this premise. The presence of two attack dogs is supposed to help explain this away too but in actuality, their actions, create, at times, implausible plot holes. This series would have worked a little better is the "old geezer" aspects of the character had been downplayed a little more and the mans years of training and experience, was given more emphasis. That said, there is a hell of lot more to like here than not. Its an enjoyable romp, that's comes armed with decent writing and as I said, a great cast. Action is well paced and the improbable elements of the story don't stop it from being fast paced and enjoyable. Mixing as it does clever dialogue, well rounded characters with lots of violent exposition. 8/10 from me.
That1Guy7585 wrote:
The ridiculous woke scene at the end of episode 4, and the ensuing simping in episode 5 ruined it. It's completely unrealistic and makes no sense, at that point I lost all respect for the main character and couldn't watch anymore of it. I can't find where it says who the director is but I assume it must be a woman and I imagine it was a change she made to story because of the obvious feminist gender bias, making an insignificant female character the dominant character over the main character just because she's a female. Up until that point I was completely engaged and enjoying the show.
MovieGuys wrote:
The first episode of this series showed so much promise. It was enthralling, different and worked in spite of a few improbable aspects. Sadly, by episode four, I felt the strong sense that anything The Old Man had aspired to be, was, well, getting old. The chemistry between the two main characters started to falter, the story line seemed increasingly ridiculous and the sense of momentum and urgency, so cleverly crafted early on, was on the wane. The anti Russian message is well past its use by date too, adding to the sense that things had gone stale. In summary, what can I say, "what a shame!". A great premise, an interestingly original story and quality acting is not enough to save this series from being "just another espionage thriller."
mcavoya wrote:
In the entire season 1, there may have been three action scenes. All the rest are people talking. People sitting at a table, talking. People standing in the dark, talking. People sitting in a car (not moving), talking. People sitting in a car (moving in a straight line), talking. One person sitting at a desk while another leans against a wall, talking. Talking, talking, talking, talking, talking. The show didn't GO anywhere. I can't understand how it's so well received when it's just so boring. My two regrets are that I wasted those hours of my life and that I couldn't give it less than half a star.