Victoria & Abdul

History's most unlikely friendship.

Drama History
112 min     6.9     2017     United Kingdom


Queen Victoria strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk named Abdul Karim.


Peter M wrote:
I wouldn't say this is a memorable historical film, but it was interesting and entertaining enough to hold my attention. I researched the background a little bit, and I am not sure why they made some of their changes to how the unlikely friendship actually transpired. I assume it was to simplify the story. And as it happens, It is surprising that the story has gotten told at all. Apparently extreme measures undertaken by the royals after to obliterate any record of the unlikely friendship after Queen Victoria's death. anyone who has read about the history of British monarchs will recognize this attempt to control the narrative of the royals as they guard the parameters of the succession. But it is worth a watch regardless about exactly how accurate the details are. History is written by the ones in control, and this is a cool exception.