Trigger Warning

Vengeance becomes her.

Action Crime Thriller
106 min     5.9     2024     USA


A Special Forces commando uncovers a dangerous conspiracy when she returns to her hometown looking for answers into her beloved father's death.


MovieGuys wrote:
In hot pursuit of the latest girl boss flop that was Fusiosa, comes Trigger Warning. The aptly named military action flick can only trigger contempt for its fanciful story line, absurdly unrealistic action, and touting the US military as the good guys. I don't mind Jessica Alba but this simply does not work. Its action is unrealistic with Alba throwing big men around like rag dolls. Its not helped either by a puerile, done to death back story full of cheesy, pseudo traditionalist, family and pro US military cliches. The results wholly uninspiring and unintentionally funny, in a corny kind of way. I managed about half of this flick, before calling it a day. In summary, if you are going to make a girl boss action flick, at least make it a little believable. If you have a back story try showing a modicum of originality, oh and don't try telling many of us outside the US, that their military are the good guys, that ship has well and truly sailed.
TheSceneSnobs wrote:
2024 has been a challenging year for studio movies, with only a few standout gems amidst a sea of disappointments. Trigger Warning, starring Jessica Alba and Anthony Michael Hall, exemplifies the year's below-average offerings. This film is one of the worst I have ever seen, marred by a convoluted and disjointed narrative. The plot of Trigger Warning is a mess, filled with bizarre and inexplicable decisions made by the characters. Jessica Alba plays a special forces commando who, inexplicably, slams her boots with each step while trying to sneak up on assailants. This odd choice undermines her character's supposed stealth and expertise. The film’s action sequences are riddled with inconsistencies. Alba's character can effortlessly take down three armed robbers twice her size in one scene, yet is easily subdued by untrained opponents in another. These contradictions make it difficult to suspend disbelief and engage with the action. Anthony Michael Hall’s portrayal of the villain is equally problematic. His character is a caricature of a mustache-twirling right-wing politician, lacking any depth or nuance. Additionally, the film suffers from an overabundance of villains—four or five, with no clear connections to one another. This multitude of antagonists dilutes the narrative and makes it difficult to follow the central conflict. The movie tries to mimic subplots from other action films but fails to integrate them coherently. Each subplot feels disjointed and out of place, contributing to a chaotic and unfocused storyline. For example, an attempt to incorporate a redemption arc for Alba’s character is abruptly abandoned, leaving her motivations unclear and unconvincing. Every character is dull and makes poor decisions, culminating in a ludicrous climax where all the disparate plot threads collide nonsensically. Overall, Trigger Warning is a prime example of the lackluster studio films that have characterized 2024. The film’s convoluted plot, inconsistent action scenes, and poorly developed characters make it a tedious and frustrating watch. Jessica Alba and Anthony Michael Hall’s talents are wasted in this misfire, which ultimately fails to deliver any coherent or engaging entertainment. This is one movie that is best avoided, as it offers little beyond confusion and disappointment.