First Kill

When you only have one shot, don't miss.

Action Thriller Crime
97 min     5.7     2017     USA


A police chief tries to solve a kidnapping that involves a bank robber holding a young boy hostage.


Gimly wrote:
After his "I actually kinda tried" performance in _Once Upon a Time in Venice_ earlier this year, Bruce Willis has obviously circled back to "not giving a fuck". Hayden Christensen is likewise a non-event in _First Kill_, probably Steven C. Miller's least interesting movie. _Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._
r96sk wrote:
Good enough. I felt satisfied after watching 'First Kill'. Sure it isn't anything extremely memorable or overly creative/unique, but I came away feeling positive about it. It gave me what I wanted from a straight-to-video action film. Hayden Christensen is enjoyable in the lead role, and even Bruce Willis seemed to be trying at least; unlike, in my view anyway, in 2016's 'Precious Cargo'. Gethin Anthony, of 'Game of Thrones' fame, is good too - he features in the best scene of the film with child actor Ty Shelton. The plot is nothing close to being anything fresh, but it's suitable and it held my interest all the way through... I can't really ask for more. 3*.