Life Itself

Life will surprise you

Drama Romance
118 min     7.22     2018     Spain


As a young New York couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes.


cityguide wrote:
This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman wrote and directed this tear-jerking rom-dram, which looks eerily familiar to the NBC series, give or take a couple A-list cast members (Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac, Annette Bening, Mandy Patinkin, Antonio Banderas … breathe). Like Us, the film pulses between the characters’ mysteriously interconnected narratives, which are set between N.Y.C. and Spain
Peter McGinn wrote:
I enjoyed this movie. At times it felt like it was trying to say too much, but still it succeeds in saying a lot of it. I don't think this movie is as bad nor as good as some of the reviews I read before watching it. One negative for me is how many large themes and issues the writing takes on with its complex plot, but conversely, one of its strengths is all of the large themes and issues the movie tackles. In other words, when it works, it really works. There are a lot of sympathetic characters in this saga, and even the few less sympathetic ones are given depth and the opportunity for personal growth during the course of the movie. It seems like interesting choices were made when to translate the Spanish dialogue and when not to, but I don't feel I missed out on important stuff. I think I will watch it again someday just to draw more out of it, catch little things I probably missed, so I guess that means I recommend watching it, doesn't it?
Ben wrote:
Dan Fogelman's Life Itself is as horrible and wonderful as life itself.