The Perfect Christmas Present


TV Movie Romance
83 min     6.4     2017     USA


Tom Jacobs is Mr Christmas! He's built an entire business around helping clients find the perfect gift. But what happens when he falls for one lucky recipient?


Reno wrote:
**An intentional Christmas romance tale!** This is a male version of 'A Gift Wrapped Christmas'. Like most of the Christmas films, this is also a romance-drama. A man who earned the nickname Mr. Christmas for his ability to pick the ideal Christmas gifts for people is now not set to find one for his friend's girlfriend. But when they are introduced to each other, the things changes around. They two seems started to have feelings. Then there's always a truth that's ready to strike to make the issue even complicated. How this love triangle tale ends were told in the remaining part. The story was just okay. But the actors were good. Typical Hallmark Christmas film. Always guessable and a romance drama that takes place in the snow falling region/city. Mainly instantly falling in love kind of theme. Knowing the storyline, I knew it was not my cup of tea. Despite I did not enjoy it very much, it was not that bad. I did not feel boring, or annoyance. Using old contents and giving a decent film is not an easy task, but they have done a better job. Its for the home audience, the women would enjoy it. So I respect and give it an average. Neither loved nor disliked, like 50/50. _5/10_