The Haunting of Hill House

You're expected

Mystery Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy
English     8.1     2018     USA


The Crains, a fractured family, confront haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it.


Kewl Kat wrote:
Overall, it's a worthy effort. There are many creepy moments and nifty ghosts. Some episodes are oozing with dread and horror. It's twisty, as all new shows seem to be and the twists are rather satisfying. However, there are moments when things get a little convoluted, a bit nonsensical and far too wordy. Some conversations go on way too long, hammering the point home until you want to punch a ghost right in the face. This happens towards the end and may leave you feeling sorta let down. But then you think back to the great moments and it makes up for the somewhat slow, syrupy, fizzling conclusion. The mansion is fantastic and the acting is quite good. Lots of characters in two versions, present and past, give it a fun vibe. 8/10 stars.
ausher8 wrote:
Is the house really haunted or is everyone slowly just losing their minds? Not a stereotypical horror. In fact the scares could be quite few and far between but the characters continued to drive the story forward. Every episode seemed to have a scene of snoozefest meandering dialogue but the rest is brilliant.
Dean09199 wrote:
This is probably most overrated TV-show. For 8.2% I was expecting something almost masterpiece, Godlike good TV-show, but it's not even close. First of all it's not scary, secondly it's slow boring drama about disfunctional family, thirdly non of the characters have something that I would feel sympathy or care for. Even more, they are annoying starting from junkie whiny brother ending with cynical one. Right now I'm on 7th episode of first season & I can't wait when we finish it. Plot is so boring I don't even care what happens in following episodes or even at the end.