The Week Of

7 days. 2 families. No backing out.

116 min     5.44     2018     USA


The parents of a soon-to-be married couple make the final preparations for the wedding ceremony.


tmdb47633491 wrote:
There's something surreal about these Adam Sandler Netflix movies. I'm not sure you can call them "comedies." They're well-made, with seemingly high production values, and nothing about the performances and filmmaking is in any way lazy. You can tell Sandler cares about each role. But, it's almost like he and everyone involved just don't find their own material very funny. Even the obvious punch-lines are in this kind of "wouldn't this be a bad joke for a movie?" style. Have you ever seen adults put on a show for kids, and you can tell they're exhausted on that particular day, but simply want to do something nice for the kids, and get it over with? But they're nevertheless trying the best they can?
reader1001 wrote:
Adam Sandler hasn't been doing the best movies. However this one makes a turn. Made the laugh a lot and even drop a tear During the wedding