The Film With Real Models. There Are No CGIs

Movies Science Fiction Fantasy
109 min     5.8     2020     United Kingdom


The Archive is a British science fiction film written and directed by Gavin Rothery; it is his first major directorial work. He acted as a screenwriter and producer of the film.

The film's main character, a talented robotics engineer George Elmore (Theo James), lives in an old hard-to-reach base and is engaged in a specific project ordered by a large corporation. But George is working on completing other tasks that he hides from his superiors. The robotics company consists of four living beings: a dumb and armless hulking robot J1; a more advanced robot J2, which can dream, and in terms of intellectual development corresponds to a teenage girl; and even cooler robot J3, suspiciously similar to the deceased wife of George. But what kind of fourth living creature there is at the base, the viewer will find out later.

The Archive is worth a look, if only for the base design and the robots. Rothery built in Budapest a full-size model of this base, in which the bulk of the filming took place. As for robots, these are not CGIs, but real models, inside which there are real people. In the large J1 - designer Chris Schubert, in the smaller J2 - the former Cirque du Soleil artist Timaeus King Madai. Stacy Martin played J3.


therapist wrote:
Initially I thought it was a movie about A.I. since it's a catchy word in tech these days. The movie moves in a slow pace and sometimes I felt a little bored, but the ending was nice. Soundtrack was great. The robots could use a little more CGI since you could clearly see it was a person behind them. I would rate the movie 7/10. It was entertaining.