Cobra Kai

A new era of no mercy.

Action & Adventure Drama Comedy
English     8.214     2018     USA


This Karate Kid sequel series picks up 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament and finds Johnny Lawrence on the hunt for redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. This reignites his old rivalry with the successful Daniel LaRusso, who has been working to maintain the balance in his life without mentor Mr. Miyagi.


garyturnbullsr wrote:
I watched the whole first season. I loved it. Good drama and story line. I cant wait for season 2 to see how this story continues.
ComputerBlue wrote:
I didn't have many expectations going into this show, or at least, I didn't have high expectations. The ones I did have were that of a fun low budget trip down memory lane. But this is so much more than that. The production values are great, the casting is great, the plot, the writing, the tone, the pacing, acting, soundtrack. It's all great start to finish and it has what Mr. Miyagi taught us, balance. It seems to hit so many right notes without pushing anything too far, the comedy is just right, the emotional moments, just right, the cheese, the action, just right. It also does a great job of leaving the viewer to decide who the real heroes and villains are because unlike the movies nothing here is black and white. If you've seen the films, you will really enjoy this. If you haven't, you'll probably really enjoy it anyway. It stands on it's own and feels modern, but as a continuity, 30 years later, it does this masterfully and very respectfully to its past and its source without heavily relying on it.
James wrote:
Quite bad. The fact that this is getting so much attention at the moment seems crazy to me. I've watched the first two seasons (with my GF) and I have to say that this whole thing is pretty embarrassing. I kind of enjoyed the first few episodes, because I thought it was being very tongue in cheek, but as the show progressed I started to realise it's just a bit shit. Shame.
Peter89Spencer wrote:
I was a little nervous when the show first aired, but after watching the first season I got hooked...! It had some laughs and plenty of action. It was gritty in comparison to the film sequel. Series 2 started drawing the sand lines, so to speak, as we see there is no right or wrong, but a grey area. Then season 3 got even better! And the final episode...I was in awe! The two epic fight scenes; one with Miyagi-do students and former Cobra Kai students fighting side by side against Cobra Kai students, and the one with Lawrence vs Kreese then LaRusso vs Kreese. The whole itself brought back some very familiar faces from the Karate Kid series - bringing together old and new generations. I can't wait to see how it concludes!
MovieGuys wrote:
I didn't set out to watch Cobra Kai. In fact, my first reaction upon seeing the trailer for season one was to "cringe". It came across as a bad modern teen soap opera, that had hitched a ride with much older, martial arts franchise, from the 80's. Since then, I've been glad to have been proven "partly" wrong. Yes, it is a teen soap opera but enough of the original 80's Karate Kid films essence has rubbed off, making it moderately charming and watchable. Even to a wider, older audience. The re-emergence of original characters I remember as a teen, watching the original films, held my attention. Season one to four, sensibly builds upon the formula that made the original films so watchable. Sadly, season five is more preachy soap opera than karate action. The cheesy humour of the previous seasons, is mostly absent too.Indeed the tone is unsuitably lecturing and serious, which is, I feel a mistake. This franchise, even in its dark moments never took itself too seriously. Nor should it, given what is essentially the larger than life, almost comic book vibe, the whole thing has going on. In summary, season one to four is enjoyable. By contrast, season five seems to lack a clear sense of direction and worse still, doesn't seem to understand what it is, this franchise represents. I think maybe its time for this nostalgic joy ride, to get the "chop."