A bloody good time.

English     8.052     2018     USA


A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.


Kewl Kat wrote:
So far, so good with You. It has a Dexter feel. You find yourself rooting for Joe, despite his deeply troubling behavior. He is a great guy in some ways and a horrible criminal in others. Lots of modern day stalking going on using smartphones and computers plus just good ol' fashioned regular creeping around. It's disturbing, sexy and fun all rolled into one. Enjoy! 8/10 stars.
Dean wrote:
Very interesting TV show about relationship and obsession. Show is quite interesting and acting is decent. Really binged on it. Characters are also well developed.
Dean wrote:
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iieeef wrote:
I am writing this review because I don’t see any point to this show whatsoever, and everyone here seems to be gushing over it. I’ve made it through the entire first season and there are no redeeming qualities to speak of. None of the characters face even the tiniest of consequences for any of their severely implausible actions. The solution to every problem that arises is “well I will just murder them” which, in terms of the writing is a complete cop out. In order to accept Joe’s actions, you have to believe that Beck, who claims to be broke but lives in a gorgeous apartment in NEW YORK CITY, is completely blind. The characters are one-dimensional and unlikeable, the acting is like a soggy wet piece of white bread, the B story line of Paco and his mother being the only representation of people of color is treated irresponsibly (at best). This helpless woman at the center of everyone’s affection is a dead trope or at least it should be, and You adds nothing to the conversation.
Fullmakt wrote:
I'm just deducting one star because vomit in every single episode seems to be a thing, common, people snack and watch TV, no need to see vomit in every episode. Other than that, interesting though totally unrealistic show. And you end up feeling sorry for Joe/Will, it's not that he's having bad luck, rather no luck at all...
mortenFriendspire wrote:
This is a pretty good thriller.
Ozzy wrote:
This show is insanely good! I have been a fan since the first season and I must admit how insanely good Penn Badgley is good at his role as Joe Goldberg, it is like he does not need to act. He plays it very perfectly without any flaws; he never misses. But what caught my attention in Season 3, when it comes to acting, is the amazing Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, she totally stole the show! Seriously, if you want a show that has your heart racing and filled with "What the hell?" moments, then I recommend watching this one. Season 3 is insanely good, fun and very interesting.
acuvox wrote:
A glib and under-rating description would be "Dexter" meets "Shades of Grey" and Jane Austen. This dramedy combines the worst attributes of "Pop TV" - beautiful people, cliché dialog, white people's problems - with deep and troubling questions about the cultural variables of murder taboo, attraction, nuclear family, literacy, and 'romance'. The educated and skilled characters are all broken in different ways - the authoritarian Mr. Mooney, the mother looking for Mr. Goodbar, the 'New Age' capitalists and their progeny, the multi-PTSD protagonist, and the objects of his affection. (his real love is BOOKS) ... all juxtaposed in this narrative told by inner voices with some of the most intelligent and empathic therapists to grace the screen. Even low latent inhibition and OCD Joe, in his sisyphian hero's journey of "trying to be good" has to admit and ACT on their advice, despite entering into their care for ulterior motives. Yes, there are thrills, chills, and mind-splatting plot twists; but there is also an engaging contrast between Hallmark dumb saccharine, original relationship dynamics, and brainy philosophical questions. This adds up to fiction as strange and unpredictable as real life. I also applaud the charismatic casting, including thinking man's bombshell Saffron Borrows. This is not high art, but it is intellectually stimulating for genre aficionados, highly relevant to our sick and fast changing culture, and quite entertaining. I might add, addictive.