The Gallows Act II

Tremendum Pictures

Horror Thriller
99 min     4.3     2019     USA


When Ana Rue transfers to a prestigious new acting school, she encounters a malevolent spirit after participating in a viral challenge.


JPV852 wrote:
It's a very low bar, but The Gallows Act II is better than its predecessor, a movie I hated. This "follow-up" gets the direct-to-video treatment and on the plus side, it drops the found footage style and goes more traditional, but otherwise the story is just as dumb. It also squandered the potential of having a consistent commentary on social media fame for some cheap scares with supernatural elements which I'm generally not a fan of. The twist ending was interesting but even thinking about it for a moment, it makes no sense at all. I will say, Ema Horvath in the lead wasn't half bad and perhaps with better material, could have a decent future (interestingly, her feature debut, "Live Share Follow" is also about YT popularity). **1.75/5**
Gimly wrote:
One of my biggest complaints about the original _The Gallows_ movie is its half-assed commitment to the "Found Footage" style, taking something that's already not very good, and then doing it badly. So when I started up _Act II_ (or I guess, more accurately, at about the five or ten-minute mark) and I realised that they abandoned the format, I assumed that at the very least it would have to be better than the first one. Turns out, that even though _Act II_ dropped my biggest problem with the first movie, it was still somehow worse. _Final rating:★ - Of no value. Avoid at all costs._