The Little Drummer Girl

Seduction. Manipulation. Betrayal. Never trust a spy.

Drama War & Politics
English     7.1     2018     United Kingdom


Brilliant young actress Charlie strikes up an acquaintance with an intriguing stranger while on holiday in Greece, but it rapidly becomes apparent that his intentions are far from romantic.


Kewl Kat wrote:
This review will contain no spoilers. I am 4 episodes in (out of 6) and I am prepared to call this worthwhile. It is a slow burn and it can be a bit baffling as details fall into place as the story unfolds. If you like spies and deception and tension between Jews & Palestinians, this is for you! It is set in 1979 so you get that sweet, before-cell-phones-ruined-society kinda vibe. While this is an older story and was turned into a movie back in the 80s, I do think a lot of shows and films choose to go back in time just to avoid the annoyance of today's modern technology. In my opinion, early computers and rudimentary technology seem to work best when telling a tale of intrigue. Today, cameras are EVERYWHERE, people are being surveiled and tracked and DNA can determine things like never before. If I am watching a show set in today's world, I never find it realistic when someone is doing sneaky things and getting away with it. When I watched Dexter, I would always think about how nonsensical it was that he wasn't being captured on dozens of security cameras in the span of one just episode! But dial things back a few decades and stuff like that feels way better. Sure, cameras existed in the 1970s but they weren't on every corner making sneakiness much more believable. Enough ranting about that. So take a few hours and watch The Little Drummer Girl. Florence Pugh is great as always. She hasn't been in a ton of stuff yet but everything I've seen so far is top notch. And at only 22, we should have a lot to look forward to with this fantastic actress.