Pray it desires not you.

Drama Horror Mystery
99 min     6.286     2021     USA


A small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff, discover a young student is harbouring a dangerous secret that could have frightening consequences.


MSB wrote:
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "Antlers is a cleverly shot, character-driven horror story with effective jumpscares and a captivating narrative that ultimately fails to reach its true potential. With the help of experienced producers, Scott Cooper is able to generate a rich atmosphere and offer an intriguing monster, blending practical effects with minimal CGI perfectly, despite the low budget. Accompanied by gorgeous cinematography, Keri Russell leads an interesting storyline focused on her traumatic past, but it ends up far too underdeveloped. The main plot features more generic plot points and a somewhat underwhelming yet visually satisfying ending. Overall, it's a nice watch, but one that I probably won't come back to." Rating: B-
CinemaSerf wrote:
For the first half hour, this isn't that bad. A couple of men stripping an old mine hear some curious noises, next thing we are in a school with a young "Lucas" (Jeremy T. Thomas) seemingly distracted, a little dishevelled and only when his teacher "Julia" (Keri Russell) decides to investigate, do we realise that what came out of that mine was a hell of a lot more rapacious than what went into it... Sadly, though, the rest of it all quickly becomes a bit too routine and the ending though quite well built up, is really a bit too predicable, brief and flat. The "monster" is seriously under-used by director Scott Cooper. A lot is left to our imagination, and to an extent that works - but unfortunately, regular fans of this genre will probably have far gorier fantasies that those we are eventually offered here. It's not a terrible film, it is decently paced and the young "Lucas" holds it together quite well, but sadly it offers very little for us (or the beastie) to get our teeth into.
r96sk wrote:
Good story, good cast. It's enjoyable. 'Antlers' sets the right tone throughout and delivers in serving up a satisfactorily creepy flick. Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons and youngster Jeremy T. Thomas all give strong performances, they make for an interesting trifecta to watch - even if they aren't as fully fleshed out ss they could've been. The horror aspects are done really well, as expected with Guillermo del Toro involved behind the scenes along with director Scott Cooper & Co. I also love films that make the locations come alive, where the place feels lived in and gritty, and this passes that particularly test with flying colours in my eyes. As usual with the genre, a follow-up is seemingly set at the end - which I'd be up for, sure, though do feel like this being a one-and-done would fit better - but we'll see.