Black Narcissus


English     6.763     2020     United Kingdom


Himalayas, 1934. A remote clifftop palace once known as the ‘House of Women’ holds many dark secrets. When the young nuns of St. Faith attempt to establish a mission there, its haunting mysteries awaken forbidden desires that seem destined to repeat a terrible tragedy. Adaptation of the 1939 novel by Rumer Godden.


DanDare wrote:
This three part serial goes for a gothic take as opposed to the repressed passions in the famous Powell & Pressburger movie. Gemma Arterton is Sister Clodagh. An idealistic sister superior tasked to establish a school and clinic at the Palace of Mopu in the Himalayas. The handsome Mr Dean who is the handyman causes a stir particularly with Sister Ruth who starts to become hysterical as time goes on. She is also resentful of Sister Clodagh. There is something in the air in that monastery which is affecting the nuns. The serial was good to look at, well produced but overlong.