The Luminaries

Working Title Television

Drama Mystery
English     6.9     2020     Australia


The 19th-century tale of love, murder and revenge as men and women travel across the world to make their fortunes on the wild West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.


sykobanana wrote:
Deadwood in New Zealand mixed with Taboo. Set in colonial New Zealand during the discovery of gold, we follow 2 people, newly arrived in New Zealand, who have set out to try to make their fortunes. Hewson and Patel are great as the leads, as is the always reliable Csokas (highly under-rated as an actor IMO). But it is the sumptuous Eva Green who steals every scene she is in, especially in the seance. The plot feels a bit too convoluted, especially with the non-linear storyline and at times I was lost as to which timeline I was in. But it was soon figured out and it paid off well in the final episode. The set designs and costumes are fantastic and helps immerse you into the period. This is a fascinating time and I loved watching this period of NZ history on film - from the segregation of races and opium use, to how the prospecting occurred, this series represents it truly well. This is a very enjoyable way to spend 6 hours - Watch it if you would like to see a different part of history, or if you like spending time with the always engrossing Eva Green.