Divide / Conquer

Mystery Thriller Horror
95 min     5.854     2018     USA


A young camgirl discovers that she’s inexplicably been replaced on her site with an exact replica of herself.


tivep wrote:
Cam is a psychological thriller directed by Daniel Goldhaber and stars Madeline Brewer of the Black Mirror fame. It’s brought to us by Blumhouse Productions. Cam is the story of Alice, an online cam girl, who live-streams from her home studio. Just when things are looking good, her account is hijacked by her doppelganger. While the film is pretty interesting to start with, it loses some steam in the middle and leaves the audience with a whole bunch of unanswered questions, especially around the characters in the movie. It's a good one time watch that feels like a longish Black Mirror episode.
The Movie Diorama wrote:
Cam thrillingly records commentary on social media before glitching out at the climax. If ever there was a relatable topic in my life right now, or atleast for the past few years, it’s this one. The ever-growing addiction to social media, thirsting on the superficial requirement of “popularity”. That unnecessary attentive praise for the detailed work I’ve produced. Followers and likes on Instagram. Helpful votes on other review sites. It doesn’t matter. It is a regressive byproduct of artificial socialisation. Cam, for it’s introductory act, depicts the fundamental issue with modern reality perfectly. A young woman, who performs live shows on an adult entertainment website, rapidly escalates her controversial performances in an attempt to become the most watched entertainer. In a society where individuals can get paid to showcase nudity online, with anonymous users tipping the entertainer, the addiction and lust for exploiting one’s self to earn a few hundred dollars has never been easier. Yet still within the guidelines of the law. Whilst it may sound monetarily heavenly to earn a living from the comfort of your own bedroom, it comes with potential consequences. Stalkers attempting to locate your abode. Anonymity running the risk of friends and family members discovering your explicit content. However, it’s the psychological impact that Cam explores, in particular “Lola” and her manifestation of envy. She wants to be the best. The top girl. And she’s willing to do anything and everything to get that position. A modern issue for the youth of today who become addicted to technological entertainment such as gaming and adult content. Brewer’s engrossing performance enabled a subtle layer of sympathy to come through. It’s a relatable issue. Naturally, we resent her actions through a shocked expression, but empathise due to relatability. Obese old white men pleasuring themselves behind the security of their webcams. It’s gross, to say the least, yet a trend that does occur and is exploited. ChatRoulette is just one of many websites that harness the power of anonymity for sexual exploitation. Then the direction changes as the plot progresses. Another entity is pretending to be “Lola” and locking the real “Lola” out of her account. This second act shifts the focus from thirsting popularity to conspicuous mystery. Who or what is pretending to be “Lola”? Old videos that have been downloaded and re-uploaded? A doppelgänger? Regardless, the story’s believability diminishes as the plot unfolds, but still remains captivating throughout due to the subject matter that is depicted. “Lola” as a character loses her dimensionality in order to focus on this imposter, detrimental to the thrilling nature of the narrative. Simply, it becomes more convoluted as it nears its climax. Then the third act commenced, and the mysterious reveal was exactly as I feared. Non-sensical. Illogical. Essentially, stupid. Initially what started out as a realistic subject study, concluded as a surrealistic mess. A dire shame considering how engaged I was throughout. Nevertheless, Cam exceeded my expectations (although fairly low to begin with...). Illustrating a topic that should be discussed more frequently in today’s Internet environment. Unfortunately though, this live show was losing viewers with every minute that ticked by.
Gimly wrote:
What _Cam_ did, it did very well, I just wish it had done a little more. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._