The Last Dance

The Life of Chicago Bulls Legends

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English     8.178     2020     USA


The Last Dance is a sports documentary miniseries co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix. The Last Dance compiled unique recordings made by the NBA filmmaking team during the 1997-98 season. Then Michael Jordan gave the television crew full access to the team's locker room and his hotel room, on the condition that the footage could be used only after his permission. After many years and rejections in 2016, Jordan finally agreed with the filmmakers' proposal, which allowed this series to be shown.

In addition to archival materials from 1997-98. and numerous recordings of previous NBA seasons, up to the mid-60s, the series includes many modern interviews with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoč, Steve Kerr, B.J. Armstrong, Horace Grant - the stars of the Chicago Bulls.

The Last Dance features the stunning basketball that Bulls players and their opponents demonstrated during the 1991–1998 seasons. There are many basketballs and successful throws performed by Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, and others.


Skarfrael wrote:
A masterpiece (18 May 2021) Amazing behind the scenes, I am still surprised they even exist to such detail. This documentary got me to return to the game after 7 years of little to no playing. This series resurfaced my deep love for this game. Why not give it a 10 you ask? Well's the time jumps. What were they even thinking?? They make no sense, they are distracting and forced. Just follow the damn timeline, it's a damn documentary. It makes so little sense to me to use such an erratic way of presenting the story. I mean, Bulls did the heavy lifting for 8 years and gave you gold, you had one bloody job...