Obi-Wan Kenobi

Between darkness and defeat, hope survives.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure
English     7.126     2022     USA


During the reign of the Galactic Empire, former Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, embarks on a crucial mission to confront allies turned enemies and face the wrath of the Empire.


Nathan wrote:
Obi-Wan is show that has so much potential but falls flat on many fronts. The premise is fairly interesting, but the writing in the show in so unbalanced, that it pulled me out at times. There are so many times where character decisions are made simply due to plot progression that make not logical sense. This series is saved by the amazing performances by Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan and Hayden Christianson/James Earl Jones as Anakin/Darth Vader. The broken-down version of Obi-Wan in this series is completely believable and I found myself invested in his redemption process. Darth Vader offers so many fan service moments of him being completely evil and brutal which offers much more enjoyment than the poor writing and plot development. **Verdict:** _Decent_
Martha wrote:
I was Ultra Excited when Disney announced they would do a Obi-Wan Series on Disney+ I was excited Ewan McGregor agreed to return and even MORE excited when Hayden Christensen said he would return as Darth Vader. Meeting this new young lady playing a young Princess Leia was awesome. She embodied EVERYTHING Carrie Fisher was in life as Princess Leia... I'd like to think Carrie would be MORE than proud of this young lady, Vivien Lyra Blair. She has so much talent and I look forward to seeing her OTHER projects. I want to take a moment to talk about how awesome Darth Vader is. In this series we see just how DARK he can go... he is merciless, unfeeling, cold, angry, and bitter. He truly becomes the VILLAIN we all knew Vader was but never truly saw until this series. I am glad they explored how Anakin has transitioned completely from the Anakin Skywalker we knew to this hate-filled machine now known as Darth Vader. And shockingly how awesome it was to see them show Vader's TRUE power... how unlimited it was. This opens the debate for all of us, Vader WAS clearly powerful enough to overthrow Palpatine, so why didn't he? The last confrontation between Obi-Wan and Vader was heartbreaking. If it didn't make you emotional, I don't know how you can truly call yourself a Star Wars Fan. Personally, I cried. Seeing the last flicker of Anakin die in the small hole in Vader's mask as he explains where he stands to Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan's tears as he sees Anakin is truly dead, and the hopelessness felt in that moment as Anakin's voice fades in and out only to be replaced by Darth Vader's. This scene was one of the most POWERFUL scenes in all of Star Wars and thank the heavens I lived to be able to see it done. Ewan McGregor was BORN to play Obi-Wan.. The little details he adds to the character make slight references to Alec Guinness' portrayal of Obi-Wan in the classic trilogy. We see Obi-Wan struggle to leave the Jedi behind... becoming disconnected from the Force and taking a mediocre job on Tattooine to watch Luke as he promised he would. The lonely road Obi-Wan walks until he is contacted to help save a kidnapped young Princess Leia... I won't give it all away because 6 episodes is a little TOO short for me but I am still glad I got the 6 episodes of Obi-Wan. Let's just say this, by the time Obi-Wan confronts Darth Vader in the finale, you see why Obi-Wan Kenobi is the GREATEST JEDI who ever lived. Rupert Friend as the Grand Inquisitor was sinister, well spoken, and quite fun to watch. The Fifth Brother was malicious, calculating... the perfect role for Sung Kang. I wish the Fourth Sister had more lines or interactions with the others because she looked bad ass. However, with the small part Rya Kihlstedt had, she left a lasting impression! Moses Ingram plays the The Third Sister (Reva). Her ambition and back story were heart-breaking to watch but Moses made the character very relatable. I enjoyed watching her fight against everyone and even torture Princess Leia. I see great things in this young actress' future. So, If you are a Star Wars fan, watch Obi-Wan... if you haven't already. This story puts a lot of pieces to the puzzle together and helps adapt the prequels into the story a lot better... plus it links The Clone Wars cartoon and Rebels into it as well... a very well done show (though short). I would LOVE to see more... May the Force be with you, Always.
MovieGuys wrote:
Who is this series about? In spite of the title, the main character Obi Wan or "Ben", feels to me like a secondary player, in their own mini trilogy. Overridden and out classed by a precocious Princess Leia and readily intimidated by a relentlessly ambitious, inquisitor villain. All the while described as one of the "greatest Jedi". In my view this should have been played with the lead as someone with power who is reluctant to use it, given past tragedies. Instead, Obi Wan comes across as weak and bumbling. In terms of overall story, unlike The Mandalorian, this tale lacks pace and excitement. Its about Jedi but thus far there is no light sabre swash buckling and use of the force is downright anaemic. Special effects are excellent and this is a well produced series. Acting is predictably of a high calibre, given the strong casting. That said, in closing, what are we supposed to take away from this? Why no strong male lead characterisation? Why does the story not appear to be focused on Obi Wan? Suffice to say, after two insipid episodes, I'm pretty confident, I wont be back for a third.
GenerationofSwine wrote:
Well, we have to give this credit for alienating the last of the Star Wars fanbase and turning Obi Wan into a pathetic loser who runs away from everything, gets outsmarted at every turn, and redefines words like "cowardliness." But, it also manages to replace Luke with his sister in Star Wars lore. But, let's face it, it wasn't made for Star Wars fans, it was made for the political left wing book burning goose steppers who want nothing more to see every fandom fail, especially those which have moral and upstanding heroic characters that fight against things like actual oppression that young people can look up to.