It's a live-in nightmare.

Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy
English     8.02     2019     United Kingdom


A cash-strapped young couple inherits a grand country house, only to find it is both falling apart and teeming with the ghosts of former inhabitants.


MovieGuys wrote:
Ghosts is one of those series you want to like but to me its a comedic shadow of what it could be. In my view its biggest shortcoming is a simple one, its not that funny. I found much of the humour was based on exposition. In spite of assumptions to the contrary I personally feel its quite hard to make the mechanics of that kind of humour work. Mr Bean worked but then the humour was well scripted and the laughs well timed. For me Ghosts is not a bad watch as such I simply find it more interesting than humourous. Watch by all means but if you are expecting wall to wall laughs you might find you are disappointed. 5/10 from me.
Timefox881 wrote:
Riskless and sentimental. The standard "dumb male" stereotype is partnered up with a wife played by an actress so drab they gave her a nose ring and wrist tattoo because she lacks the talent to make an interesting character. The writing doesn't challenge or observe. Everything is played so incredibly safe, ensuring no one is offended. The humor never shows up. But the BBC's standard lecturing can be seen peeking through.
ItzHyper wrote:
I love these characters so much. I basically instantly fell in love with all of them the moment I started watching. Also, those emotional moments, especially in season 2 hit me like a truck 😭.
GenerationofSwine wrote:
The nice thing about TMDB as opposed to IMDB is that you are allowed to like the British version of ghosts, and you're allowed to like it more than the US version. Why they are taking down positive reviews of the UK version is beyond me. Anyway. it isn't the crude knock off of the US version, there is actually some originality and some pretty great humor here. And, for the most part, the ghosts are better. The Neanderthal is better than the Viking. The pantsless guy is better than the frat boy pantsless guy, an so on and so fourth right down to affairs with the bodies of decapitated heads. It's just better, funnier, and a bit darker.