The Lost Daughter

Being a mother is a crushing responsibility.

122 min     6.572     2021     Greece


A woman's seaside vacation takes a dark turn when her obsession with a young mother forces her to confront secrets from her past.

Reviews wrote:
**Full Analysis at Explanation at** - **Intro** Released in 2021, The Lost Daugther is an intense psychological drama. A book by Elena Ferrante, with the same title, inspires the film. Mental health is a hot topic. The Lost Daughter goes deeper into this topic, leaving us disturbed, with many questions without a logical explanation. Therefore, don’t expect answers. Instead, the film offers us the possibility of witnessing some of the reasons that could push a mother to the desperate movement to abandon her daughters for three years. - **The Story** - A middle-aged woman goes on a solo vacation in the beautiful location of Kyoplei. Leda is a professor who desires to enjoy some time alone and continue her writings and thinking time. Unfortunately, her plans must face a crowded family and their noises, which will challenge Leda’s mental health. But our professor connects herself with Nina, a young mother, who will awaken hidden memories and similitudes with the young Leda. What links these two interesting characters? What are Leda’s issues? And do we understand mental health? - Full Analysis at