Raised by Wolves

Artificial Intelligence and Religious Belief

TV-Shows Sci-Fi Fantasy
English     7.7     2020     South Africa


HBO Max's science fiction series Raised by Wolves draws attention to its unusual concept, attractive visual style, and participation in the project by Ridley Scott, the show's executive producer, who personally directed the first two episodes.

Raised by Wolves tells the story of a long war between religious fanatics and atheists; when the Earth becomes uninhabitable, several ships with the last people are sent to the planet Kepler-22b. The atheists send a fast, lifeless ship with two android robots and a stock of human embryos. Followers of the Earth's dominant religion, Mithraism, who have resources, build traditional arks with chambers for the priests of the higher castes and the military. The atheist ship arrives early, and before the Mithraists come, the androids hope to raise the first generation of atheist children on Kepler-22b. But, of course, something goes wrong.

Not everyone will like Raised by Wolves. It is a long, dense, dreary series, but the combination of fantasy elements, mysticism, and religious philosophy makes it extraordinarily attractive.